From February 6th – 12th, the Sleep Paralysis Project will be exhibiting an audiovisual installation at St James Church in New Cross Gate. The installation, which features edited interviews alongside mysterious, hypnotic visuals, was originally exhibited at Royal College of Art’s Animation MA Work In Progress Show.

The current installation is part of Goldsmiths Making a Difference initiative. This free exhibition also features work from The False Memory Archive and other selected projects with links to Goldsmiths staff and students.

The show also features a reel of short films related to sleep paralysis originally curated for the Sleep Paralysis Project’s London Short Film Festival event, including work by Paul Vester, Louise Wilde, Tim Grabham and Emily&Anne.

You can watch a taster of the installation artwork below.

Squeezed by Shadows: installation teaser from Sleep Paralysis Project on Vimeo.

Music: Extracts from Vide Cor Meum by Dominic de Grande.

Extracts of interview with:
Nathan Mckenna, Paul O’Donnel, David Dixon, Charlie Cauchi.


6 thoughts on “Exhibition

  1. I suffer from sleep paralysis about twice a week. It only began a year or so ago, and it is so regular now. I particularly related to the the female’s comments in the video about screaming and no one being able to help. I used to get really scared, and sometimes still do, but now I just try and fall back to sleep which normally gives me the kick start to properly wake up – like when you trip over a step in a dream and it jolts you awake.

    Very interesting. Good luck with the project x

  2. For years, just when I was falling asleep, I would suddenly open my eyes and see the figure of a horrible demon like man creature leaning down moving close into my head. I would start screaming out loud. It was terrifying and very real. I resolved the issue by putting a blind-fold over my eyes, so I wouldn’t open them. To this day, when I go to sleep, I always make sure to cover my eyes. I’m not sure it falls under any sleep paralysis category?

  3. Hi Gina,

    This sounds like a hypnopompic hallucination – hallucinations which happen as you are waking up can happen with or without sleep paralysis and are relatively common – though yours does sound particularly frightening!

    It’s important for me to point out that this project/blog isn’t managed by healthcare professionals so you should always talk to a doctor about anything that’s worrying you.

    • I’m relieved to know it’s “relatively common” and I now have a name for it! No sleep paralysis involved, thank God. Thank you for your kind reply, Carla. Keep up the good work and Sweet Dreams…Gina

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