A special treat for Bank Holiday Monday, here is a wonderful song written and performed by Dominic de Grande for the Sleep Paralysis Project. This is one of several pieces of music by Dominic which features in the short film.


If you’re in London before May 14th, get down to The Depot in Clapton to see Emerald, an exhibition of work by animator/ model maker Anna Ginsburg, who made the brilliant demonic puppets for the short film. The puppets themselves – inspired by incubus/succubus type myths from around the world – will be on show! Have a look at the gallery below for an insight into Anna and her team’s production process. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


In June the Sleep Paralysis Project will be joining London Short Film Festival Down on The Farm, presenting an event aimed at filmmakers breaking down how the project has been planned, funded, marketed and delivered. The event will look at how to make an unconventional project idea into a reality, how to make the most of a small budget and how building a network around a project can improve and inform its core content. If you’re a filmmaker in the UK, the Down on The Farm short film retreat is not to be missed. It will be jam-packed with films, industry, training and summertime camping joy.


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