A short teaser for Devil In The Room, an 8-minute short film about sleep paralysis.


Devil In The Room Teaser from Sleep Paralysis Project on Vimeo.


2 thoughts on “Devil In The Room: Teaser

  1. Fantastic to see someone is doing a film to bring awareness to this terrible problem! The teaser looks spookily well produced, I must say… Chris White has done a good documentary on this. Maybe not quite so well produced but really goes into the whole phenomenon and gives real case studies where it has been cured for good. You can check it out at http://stopsleepparalysis.org/ if you’re interested.

  2. Very important work. This huge problem is a conduit for terrible anxiety. The conscious and unconscious influence of the occult can’t be overlooked especially amidst highly sensitive individuals. Artists are amongst the prime targets for such spiritual warfare. Even if one discards the latter point the psychological damage to individuals transforms quickly into emotional and intellectual malaise or worse. Congratulations on your courageous work and I would be very pleased to learn more of your efforts and realisations.

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